A Tiny Fruit,
An Enormous Opportunity

XANGO introduced the world to mangosteen. The rare concentration of xanthones in "the Queen of Fruit" creates the opportunity for a happier, healthier, wealthier life. Find the wellness you're looking for.

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Southeast Asian scribes recorded the use of the whole-fruit mangosteen as early as 600 A.D.

Ancient cultures revere ‘The Queen of Fruit’ for its flavor and its support of good health.

The World's First
Mangosteen Beverage

We’re so much more than just a beautiful bottle. Captured within is our delicious blend of nutrient-rich mangosteen fruit that you’ll not only crave, but that is also packed with bioactive phytonutrients that offers unprecedented health benefits.

(Now’s a good time to start learning about the 40 different types of xanthones in the mangosteen…).

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Among the powerful phytonutrients found in the rind of the mangosteen,

xanthones stand alone in the scope of their benefits.

Be Well, Inside & Out

With XANGO Juice as our foundation, we’ve developed a portfolio of products that refuse to cut corners. Premium ingredients and tireless research ensure safe, natural wellness for everything from your hair to your heart and your bones to your brain.

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At XANGO, there is limitless potential for a personal business. This is a place for the dreamer,

for someone who wants to believe in what they do and get rewarded for doing it well.

It's Safe To Dream Again

Improved health and a better quality of life—isn’t it what we all dream about?

XANGO works hard to create an opportunity where dreams can become a reality—for you, your family and your friends—by simply sharing your experience with our products.

See how sharing XANGO can help you earn a residual income.