Life Is Good At XANGO

In its short history, XANGO, LLC, has come a long way since Founder Joe Morton bottled up the powerful Asian fruit mangosteen and brought it back to America. Now people all around the world are coming to the same conclusion as Joe: There’s just something about that fruit.

Since 2002, we've been bringing wellness products and opportunity to millions of people around the globe.


Delectable. Delicate. Indescribably delicious.

We’re talking about the exquisite, deep-purple mangosteen fruit from Southeast Asia.

The true beauty of this treat, however, lies deeper than in its taste: Within its rind there are over 65 different types of xanthones, powerful phytonutrients that can help to support and maintain wellness.

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The Company

That’s right—there’s more to this place than just a pretty bottle. There were several ways to get the product to consumers, but Founders (and brothers) Joe and Gordon Morton and friend Aaron Garrity decided to market the Juice through direct sales. That way you can have your juice and drink it, too.

Today, XANGO stands as a beacon of direct sales done right, because XANGO Juice is a great thing to drink and a fun thing to share. Or it’s a great thing to share and a fun thing to drink. (We’re back and forth on them, too.)


Aaron, Joe and Gordon launched XANGO with the help of Gary Hollister and Kent Wood. These founding executives are visionary, driven and absolutely devoted to facilitating the success of their customer—and distributor—partners ahead of everything else.

That means every decision, every direction, every product, event and promotion are laser-focused on what’s best for the people who use the products and who have a home-based business—because with that, the company’s success takes care of itself.

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Giving is a core element of XANGO’s mission. It’s an essential part of how we do business, something we’ve embraced from our very earliest days. The XANGO Goodness Foundation supports charitable missions, humanitarian relief and feeding programs around the globe.

XANGO’s involvement—with support from the company, distributors and employees—creates positive change in the lives of children worldwide, and it increases opportunities for better health, education and social acceptance.

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