It's been said that the future belongs to
those who seek it out and embrace it

We’ve sought it out, we’re embracing it, and we’ve found there’s room for the world to join us.

In 2002 XANGO shocked the network-marketing world with a product and compensation that no one had seen before. And since then it’s only gotten better:

That sound you hear is Opportunity knocking! Whether you’re looking to have your products paid for, a little extra spending money each month, or a full-fledged lifestyle upgrade, there’s no better time than now — and there’s no better place than XANGO.

OUR PLAN IS SIMPLE. Simple to build and simple to explain.

OUR PLAN IS GENEROUS. We pay 50% of commissionable volume. Notice how we didn’t say “up to 50%” or “as much as 50%”—we pay 50%. And our plan has generated more than 100 million-dollar earners in under 12 years, and hundreds of thousands of others enjoying multiple streams of income with weekly and monthly checks.

OUR PLAN IS GLOBAL. The same qualifications are in place around the world, so once you qualify in your home market, you’re eligible for commissions from throughout our more than 40 international markets.

OUR PLAN IS REWARDING. We offer amazing incentives, including global bonuses beginning as early as 1,000 points of volume in a month, a lifestyle/car bonus beginning at 10,000 points per month, rank-advancement bonuses beginning at 20,000 points per month, and exotic trips beyond that.